Cleaning products labels

Cleaning industry demands an highly specialized labelling services, and with a wide variety of functions. The materials variety and quality requirements are very important.

The most of cleaning products include chemical elements that can be dangerous or toxic, being harmful for the health and environment. The labelling must include some signs that warn of this risks.

In this way the design of labels for the cleaning products is important, either for increase the uptake of customers and for preserve its security and integrity.

Some examples of cleaning products labels will be, among others:
Degreaser washing product label

  • Detergents labels
  • Soaps, waxes, bleaches
  • Degreaser, disinfectant, polish, multipurposes
  • Labels for insecticides
  • Industrial cleaners

And in several finishes:

  • Silk-screen printing, offset
  • Labels with special inks
  • Flexography and typography
  • Sleeves and booklets labels
  • Aromatic labels

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