Food products labels

We manufacture labels for all type of food products. Since the more exclusive products (as a some hundred of euros wine bottle labels) to labels for breads. This range of products allows us to offer you the wider range of products in accordance to its market.

The food labels give us a very useful information that is going to allow us to know the main features of the products: the expiry date, nutritional value and the ingredients. Also the label serves as a distinguishing feature and a care claim of a potential customer in the point of sale.

The labels should be completely clear, concise and they shouldn´t mislead the coustomer. It must be satisfied the current law, including datas as a ingredients, net quantity, best-before date, manufacture batch, look up terms, origin and bar code.

Some examples of food and meals labels will be, among others:
Northern albacore can label

  • Preserves labels
  • Tins and bottles labelling
  • Delicatessen products
  • Biscuits, cereals, nuts…
  • Labels for fruits and vegetables

And in several finishes:

  • Silk-screen printing, offset
  • Scratch off stickers
  • Flexography and typography
  • Booklets labels
  • Easy open & close
  • Braille labels

Contact us and we will offer you the best solution for your company, according to your industry, label type and budget.
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