Wine bottle labels

The label is the most important element for helping the consumer identifying one specific wine and enabling him to distinguish from the rest. With the bottle, the label is the information that is firstly received by the consumer from the wine and a main reason at the moment of choosing a wine, since we make an association between the label design and the wine we expect to find inside the bottle. In such a way, the labels have begun to consider an art which its objective is to transmit the cultural values of the place where was produced.

We manufacture wine labels with available RFID technology, becoming in a label able to follow the traceability from its packaging until the last step of the commercial chain.

Some examples of wine bottles labels will be, among others:

Red wine label

  • Red wine, white, rose…
  • Denomination or origin Rioja or Ribera del Duero
  • Txakoli, Rueda, Jumilla, Jerez
  • Champagne and cava labels
  • Beer, cold drinks, cider labels…

And in several finishes:

  • Silk-screen printing, offset
  • Stamping
  • Relief labels
  • Thermochromatic inks
  • Braille labels
  • Bottle collars

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