Labeling machines

TEA sells printing and labeling solutions depending on the necessary application. Contact with our technical and we will offer you one measure, to guarantee the quality and the performance that would be needed. We have print-apply equipment, several spindles labeling machines and with a programmable automata to make changes.

Industrial labeling machines

Labeling systems, or labeling machines, are suitable for the placement of adhesive labels over any kind of product: plane, cylindrical, oval, conical and irregular.

We offer you a comprehensive service:

  •  Labeling machine start-up
  •  Training for the diary use
  •  Maintenance supporto

To achieve the maximum optimization for your business, we have a wide range of labeling machines. Each system is specially suitable for a kind of product/application/industry, completing the labeling solutions into almost any paper and in any of its sides. We depend on:

  • Bottom labeling machines.
  • Bottom labeling machines with trays.
  • Blister type products or skin for all types of boxes labeling machines.
  • Cans, bottles and all types of cylindrical products labeling machines.
  • Oval and plane products labeling machines.
  • Labeling machines for label packs.
  • Flexible thermoforming products labeling machines.
  • Guarantee-security products labeling machines.
  • RFID technology request products labeling machines.
  • Plane and irregular bags labeling machines.
  • Automatic and semi-automatic custom labeling machines.

Contact us and we will offer you the best solution for your company, according to your industry, label type and budget.

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Fast, resistant and easy to use, designed to offer an optimum performance, functional and reliable, at the fore-front at design and with the latest technologies. They will offer you the best possible return for your investment.