Labels against theft or EAS

Labels against theft technology (EAS – Electronic Article Surveillance), is a reference in the world of antitheft, because in addition to have minimum dimensions, its cost is reduced. Therefore, our EAS labels, also have a benefit with regard to other against theft methods.

Today, a large amount of articles have this EAS sensors incorporated. These are self-adhesive labels, that are sticked to the products, and have some alarm sensors which cause the activation of the against theft arches in the commercial establishments.

When the product is bought, the sensor of EAS labels is removed, or is simply disabled as it passed over a deactivator attached to the box scan.
EAS label against theft
Example of products where are often incorporate:

  • Clothes, jewelry, sunglasses, complements…
  • Body care products: cosmetics, fragrances …
  • Wine bottles, drinks, oil, gourmet products …
  • Small electric household
  • Photo and video camera
  • Game consoles and video games, CDs, DVDs
  • Phones and mobile devices
  • PCs, laptop, components, pheripherals and informatic and technologic accessories

In TEA Adhesives in addition to manufacture labels against theft, we also integrate in other self adhesive labels at the request of the customer.

Contact us and we will offer you the best solution for your company, according to your industry, label type and budget.

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