Labels and adhesive tapes design

Our comprehensive solution company vocation allows us to supply to our customers the design and pre-printing of all the labels that they want. Meanwhile, a graphic design department is available, we can be really fast and effective in the resolution of works. Internet allows us to work from a distance with great comfort to find the label model which would satisfy the customer.

Graphic design and label pre-printing
The label design is one of these details that is very important at the time of preparing a marketing campaign, would be decisive to encourage customers to buy, at the time of choosing between different brands.

That´s why, quality would be appreciated at first sight, and there is where our work comes into play. In Tea Industrial Adhesives we take care of getting this external reflect of the quality of the product, so that the customer would promptly be attracted by it. Is this design which will create the connection between the product and the customer. An that´s because the design is not only limited to the graphic part, but also to the correct election of the packaging, of the label material, its dimensions, etc…

The most important is that the label design being able to collect all that the brand want to transfer to the customer, and therefore go in into line with the market objective that we want to manage the product.

Also, though until some years ago labels were exclusively of paper, today we can find a wide range of supports, which makes that in Tea Industrial Adhesives we manufacture labels in more than 700 kinds of material.

Contact us and we will offer you the best solution for your company, according to your industry, label type and budget.

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