Silk-screen labels printing

Printing method with strong deposit of ink with there are achieved bright colours, saturated, transparents, fluorescents, glosses, mats or semi-glosses, as well as spectacular finishes.

The printing system is repetitive, once the first model has been achieved, the printing would be repetitive a hundred or a thousand times without losing resolution.
Label serigraphy
The silk-screen printing is one of the most used techniques at the time of doing high quality labels, as it provided a number of unique features. One of this is that the ink layer is higher in offset than in another system, that´s why increase the resistance of the design of the label, making it more durable against weather.

In one hand, it generate the possibility of making very attractive labels, with very differentiating especial effects and with an important visual impact.

In Tea Industrial Adhesives we can also use in the silk-screen printing relief in exchange varnish, which esthetically has a very good result.

In the other hand, metallic inks also provide a very good quality here in the silk-screen printing.

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Silk-screen printing allows us to make a high value labels. Involves the transfer of an ink through a mesh, the step of the ink is blocked in areas where it wouldn´t be images through the emulsion or varnish, being free the zone where the ink would pass.