Stamping label printing

Decorative finish for labels, done through the printing of a film using the hotstamping or the coldstamping: that gives category and elegance to the product. Bright effects or mats under a wide range of colours.

In the stamping, the printing of the label can be flat or in relief, depending of its purpose.

The process consists on a griddle in which the design is engraved. This is bath with ink and using a press, is printed over a surface, a reproduction of the design previously engraved. Therefore, there aren´t copies, but also reproductions, because all the labels are made with the same platform.

Such the coldstamping as the hotstamping are used over different materials as paper or metal. In the case of the commercial product labels produce very attractive results. For this, is essential the balance between temperature, the power of cliché, the type of material and the properties of the used foil.

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